Investment Management

With investing, there's no substitute for experience. Donegal Wealth have been managing client portfolios for over 20 years. We have devoted significant resources to maintaining a rigorous investment process.

As a holder of our own Australian Financial Services Licence, we are able to provide advice on a broad range of asset classes, financial products, and securities including direct shares, managed trusts, deposit products and bonds. We are not tied to a particular 'product' or financial institution.


Investing is a process requiring a commitment of time for up front planning and ongoing review to maximise the potential for success. The key to successful investing is to first decide on your goals.

Donegal Wealth will then work with you to develop your investment strategy, based on your tolerance for risk (that's how you feel about the possibility of your investment going up or down in value) and your investment time frame (when you will need some or all of the funds being invested).

We offer solutions and services for all of your investment and superannuation needs. These services range from recommending appropriate assets to suit your investor risk profile, to providing tactical asset allocation advice and reviewing your portfolio on a regular basis.


The Investment Management Review Service includes:

Donegal Wealth review your portfolio to ensure that the mix of assets in the portfolio is appropriate and that the individual investments are meeting their benchmark performance targets with an appropriate level of risk (volatility).

As financial markets move, rebalancing of your portfolio may be required to ensure your investments remain on track to meet your financial objectives and risk profile. Our investment committee regularly evaluates the selected investments and portfolio models.

Donegal Wealth clients receive an informative newsletter, full of news, views and hints. You will be invited to seminars designed to keep you informed of the latest movements in the financial markets, what they mean to your investments and the opportunities they hold for you. Often these seminars also include a lifestyle segment.