For Employers - Corporate Benefits

Employee benefits are an essential part of any company's offering to its employees. Choosing the most appropriate insurance cover and superannuation fund is a very important piece of this package.

Your employees are your most important asset, so it's in your best interest to ensure they are satisfied and educated about your employee benefits, such as your superannuation fund and insurance cover.

What you want, as an employer, is that the benefits that you choose are as stress free and easy to manage as possible, so you can concentrate on your business. This is where Donegal Wealth can help you.

Why Donegal Wealth?

As an independently owned advisory firm, we offer a non-biased approach when choosing which particular cover and fund best suits your company structure and its employees.

We have more than 30 years of experience managing corporate clients' insurance and superannuation needs. We service small, medium and large firms over a variety of industries.

Our corporate client portfolio consists of publicly listed companies in industries such as finance and IT, as well as national law firms, engineering consultancies and construction companies.

Donegal Wealth can help you identify the most effective product solutions for you and your employees and provide you the support you need to ensure your choice remains the best solution possible, through our employer services, helping your employee benefits scheme to attracted and retain valued employees.