Employer Services

We offer our corporate clients several services to help them enhance their employee benefits scheme by giving them advice and ongoing services, so they can provide the best superannuation and insurance solutions to their employees.

Benchmarking & Evaluation

As an employer you have the responsibility to ensure the superannuation fund and insurance cover you provide your employees is the best you can provide. We will present you with an objective view of how your current arrangements compare to the market.

We measure fund design, performance, fees and member services. We will provide recommendations based on our findings as to where we believe improvements could be made and how you can ensure you meet your legislative requirements and provide your employees the best possible solution available.

Tender Management

We will work with you to determine what is important for you and your employees when considering your superannuation and insurance arrangements. We will conduct the tender process utilising our extensive experience in this industry, research database and industry contacts.

Within the established management and benefit guidelines, we will identify various options that best match your objectives with the best available value in the marketplace.


When you have made a decision based on the recommendations we have provided you, we ensure that the transition from your old fund to the next is as seamless as possible. Together with the appointed Provider, we will manage all aspects of your organisation's transition, always trying to ensure minimal interruption to your business with minimised costs to members.

Ongoing Servicing

Member Information & Education
Donegal Wealth will work with you to ensure a tailored approach is undertaken with employee education and communication. These will be aligned with your company's employee benefit program objectives. Ongoing monitoring and reports are provided to ensure the program effectiveness evolves with the changes in your employee demographic.

Claims Management

When an employee suffers an injury, illness or passes away unexpectedly, we appreciate it's a time of high emotion and financial pressure. During this time of difficulty our commitment is to ensure we help facilitate the assessment quickly, correctly and as efficiently as possible.

Acting as the independent third-party between the employer, employee and the insurer allows us to ensure the details are private and confidential and by utilising our 30 years of claims experience, we ensure that you and your employees receive the best possible outcome.

Annual Membership Reconciliation

Donegal Wealth coordinates the plan reconciliation which involves overall management of member data, including entrants and exits, reviewing of cover, underwriting and applications.